Solve Animal Health Problems

Herbs Solve your Animal Health Problems

Solve Animal Health Problems

Herbs Solve your Animal Health Problems


If worried see a vet a lot of the times the natural remedies will work and save you a fortune.

What are the signs? 

What are the remedies? What you need to know.

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What are the signs?  Nausea Decreased appetite Vomiting Drinking water Peeing more Weight loss Muscle loss Difficulty in jumping up Walking stiffly Hiding.

What are the remedies? Turmeric, Cats’ Claw, Slippery Elm, Milk Thistle

Cats not Eating?

What are the signs?    Acid in their tummy, underlying reason, like anorexia, kidney disease, cat flu, diabetes, Fever or hyperthyroidism and pancreatitis. 

What are the remedies? chamomile, catnip, cat thyme, Valerian, calendula, echinacea, cat’s claw, Dandelion Root 

Cat throwing up.

What are the signs?    2-3 times a day is not natural, and this could mean underlying problems like bowel disease hairball when they throw up you will see the hair ball, butter or Vaseline. 

Some plants are poisonous, and pesticides can cause illness wise to have charcoal capsules at hand. adding enzymes in the food

What are the remedies? Milk Thistle

Back Legs Giving Way

What are the signs?    Limb paralysis in cats is a blood clot that goes to the back leg, 

What are the remedies? Turmeric. The active compound present in turmeric known as curcumin works on the blood platelets to prevent clots. 

Garlic Cayenne Arjun ki Chhaal Flax Seeds and Chia Seeds. 

Cat Putting on Weight?

What are the signs?    Abdominal enlargement Intestinal Parasites: 

What are the remedies?  Fenugreek seeds, Garlic Juice, Ginger, Carrot Juice, Castor Oil, Massage, Bitter Gourd, Punarnava Herb, Dandelion Tea,  Buckthorn Roots, Milk Thistle

Diabetes in Cat’s

What are the signs?   Excessive Urination & Thirst. Your cat may be suffering from Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes if they are urinating frequently Increased Weight Loss & Appetite. ...

Inability to Jump & Loss of Interest Change in Gait Lack of Appetite, Vomiting, Lethargy.

What are the remedies? Astragalus—An anti-inflammatory that strengthens the immune system. Blueberry—A urinary antiseptic that helps reduce blood sugar levels.

Dandelion—Reduces swelling and inflammation as well as protecting the kidneys and stimulating liver function.

Lupus in Cats

What are the signs?   

Systemic lupus is an autoimmune disease it is rare in cats, it can be life threatening multiple organs are usually affected and has widespread abnormalities of the skin, mouth, muscles, blood vessels lungs kidneys joints and nervous system.

What are the remedies? TurmericCurcuminis an active ingredient in turmeric which can prove effective in the treatment of autoimmune diseases like lupus Ginger Apple cider vinegar Coconut oil Epsom salt Tulsi or Holy basil Flaxseeds Green tea


What are the signs? Loss of appetite Slow weight loss over time Severe wasting late in the disease Pale gums Persistent diarrhea Seizures Behaviour change Infections Eye conditions Fever Poor coat conditions

What are the remedies? Astragalus is an herb with major immune boosting properties. Acedmannan which is found in aloe vera juice is a very powerful immono-stimulant in animals, especially cats. Acemannan triggers an autoimmune attack on the virus. Aloe Vera - Contains Acemannan, which has been proposed as an adjunctive therapy for cats with FIV. John’s Wort - A powerful herb that helps control viral infections and reinforces your cat’s immune system Turmeric - A potent antioxidant that strengthens the liver and fights off the damaging effects of free radicals Dandelion - Stimulates the appetite, enhances digestion, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Cat’s Claw - An effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that enhances your cat’s immune system and helps fortify their defences against viruses like feline leukemia  and FIV.

Cats still have blood in their stool.

What are the signs?   Depending on colour of blood to where the infected area is

What are the remedies? Citronella Eucalyptus Fleawort Pennyroyal/Fleabane Rue Sweet Bay Tansy Wormwood

Cat Falling over

What are the signs? Imbalance in ears, mites, or infection

What are the remedies? Licorice root Ear cleaning products

Arthritis in Cats

What are the signs? If your cat is struggling to jump up and do what they usually do, then they may be affected or meow when you are patting your cat.

What are the remedies? Chondroitin and Glucosamine, Curcumin, Copaiba, Omega 3, Manganese and Zinc


Outdoor cats will from time to time have scrapes from fighting. 

What are the signs? Droplets of blood

What are the remedies? Teatree or Arnica Oil

Gum Disease

What are the signs? Difficulty eating or bleeding from the gum.

What are the remedies? Clean teeth regularly


Conjunctivitis is generally viral in origin. 

What are the signs? Redness around the eye or weeping.

What are the remedies? Warm salty water or eye drops for cats.

Skin Problems

What are the signs? Loss of fur, scratching

What are the remedies? Depending, worming, flea treatment even washing with a calming shampoo

Guide to Herbal Treatment – Blogs have articles that direct you to a suggested product to solve the issue.

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Cat stressed and peeing because of changes etc Solution: Advance Urinary Care

Animal anxiety, worry or stress related problems, such as boarding away from home, travelling, dealing with new situations Solution: Calm Care

Digestive Problems Solution: Chembiotics

Weakness, fatigue, constipation, muscle cramps, paralysis, respiratory failure can be from Kidney Problem Solution:  Chemeyes-K Potassiums

To improve important areas like heart health, in the development of the eye and brain in young animals and in skin and hair condition. Solution: Cod Liver Oil

Pet is experiencing low energy levels to increase alertness and vitality. Solution: Damiana & Kola

Gurgling tums, wind, and flatulence Solution: Digestive Tablets

Minor muscle stiffness and aches Solution: Dog & Cat Natural Animal Ache Oil

Cuts, scratched, stung or minor paw problems. Solution: Dog & Cat Natural Tea Tree Blend Paw Dip

Pets with hot, itchy skin, Easy Green has cooling properties. Solution: Easy Green

Lack of skin or coat pigmentation Solution: Elderberry & Nettle

Skin and coat condition for skin renewal, scruffiness, dryness, and coat shine Solution: Evening Primrose Oil

Symptoms of arthritis but it can also be used for the symptomatic relief of minor infections, skin conditions and coughs Solution: Garlic & Fenugreek

Repellent to parasites. Solution: Garlic Tablets

Dissolve ear wax and remove foreign debris Solution: Gentle Ear Wash

Support mobility or stiffness in active or Senior Cats Joints showing Lameness Tenderness Stiffness (especially after exercise) Swelling Licking of joints Change of temperament Unwillingness to play or run Solution: GLM Joint Care

Animal struggling with flexibility and mobility Solution: Glucosamine & Chondroitin Tablets

Need symptomatic relief of arthritis, skin, and kidney disorders and as a diuretic to aid normal urinary elimination. Solution: Green Releaf Tablets 

Relief from itchy, irritated skin while the bittering agent helps to deter gnawing and chewing. Solution: Itchy Skin Soothing Liquid Foam

Cats needing more support and mobility. Solution: Joint Care Advanced

Promoting a thick healthy coat, Keeper’s Mix has a positive effect on many organs and supports their function to help maintain the body’s natural balance. Solution: Keepers Mix

To promote coat growth and help to maintain good pigmentation, especially through the winter. Solution: Kelp Seaweed

Support normal liver function and nervous system. Solution: Liver Care Advanced

Poor appetite Solution: Malted Kelp

Natural insect repellent, has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties Solution: Masticare Udder and Teat Cream

Liver needs support to get rid of free radicals Solution: Milk Thistle

Stiff Joints Solution: Nature and Joint Care

Liver problems Solution: Nature and Liver Care

Need support with a sensitive or over reactive digestive system to maintain optimal gut health. Solution: Nature and Probiotics

Support old age and cognitive function like joints Solution: Nature and Senior Care

Support Sensitive or Over- Reactive Digestion Solution: Nature Fibiotic-Pro Probiotic Daily Fibre Care

Need extra Liver Care Solution: Nature+ Liquid Liver Care

Skin conditions like topical skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, burns and ringworm. Solution: Neem Oil

Smelly animal bad breath Solution: Neutradog Tablets

Coat lacking in shine or condition. Solution: Omega EFA Oil

Joint discomfort and pain Solution: Organic Turmeric and Bioprene

Severe weight loss and diarrhoea Solution: Pancreatic Enzyme Capsules

Skin repair and sensitive noses. Solution: Paw & Nose Balm

Assist with Labour in Animals Solution: Raspberry Leaf

Anxious pet need calming and reduce anxiety Solution: Relax and Calm

Stressed anxious pet Solution: Relaxing Moments Calming Room Spray

Phobias and nervous disorders Solution: Scullcap & Valerian

Support aging pet with joint care cognitive function in older pets. Solution: Senior Care 7

Bruises and small scrapes Solution: Skin Balm

Remove tear and saliva stains from your pet’s fur. Solution: Tear Stain and facial cleanser

Intestinal disorders and digestive problems Solution: Tree Barks Powder

 Reduce inflammation in the body Solution: Turmeric Tablets

Support for the Urinary system and promotes calming. Solution: Urinary and Calm Care

Frightened, anxious, hyperactive, and stressed animals Solution: Valerian Compound

Supporting healthy eyes and vision. Solution: Vision Berry

B12 deficiency is common in cats, weight losslethargy, diarrhea, or vomiting Solution: Vitamin B12 with Intrinsic Factor

Dull skin and coat to gain healthy function of skin, coat, and the nervous system. Solution: Wheatgerm Oil Capsules