Chicken Breast with Heart (Adult & Kitten) 250g Tub

Chicken breast with heart 250g





PURRFORM Chicken Breast with Heart isa complementarynatural raw cat food, that contains nothing more than the ingredients listed.

Our chicken breast is human grade meat. It has no bone and is therefore suitable for both kittens and adult cats. This can be fed once or twice a week, as an alternative to our other complete cat food products, to give your cat some variety in its diet.

This product is also suitable for cats with no teeth or senior cats over 7 years old, to maintain a high level of protein in their diet, to ensure that there is no loss of muscle mass as this is common in senior cats.

To ensure that your cat still gets all the vitamins, minerals, & amino acids, including taurine, on a daily basis, we have also developed our ownComplete Powder Supplementwhich has been specifically formulated to be used in conjunction with this meat product, to make it a complete food.

1 250g Tub


85% Minced Chicken Breast, 15% Chicken Heart


Moisture 76.0%, Protein 20.5%, Fat 3.3%, Crude Ash 1.1%, Crude Fibre 0.5%.

Net Weight 250g Frozen product


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