Cat Mousse Veal x 24

Cat Mousse Veal x 24

Buy online nutritional cat mousse veal x 24. The soft meaty texture of Alpha Spirit's mousse your cat cant resist. Healthy wet cat food at the best price on Getcatcrazy




Cats can be fussy eaters, but they won't be able to resist the soft meaty texture of Alpha Spirit's mousse.

Cats are a special type of carnivore.

Obligate carnivores have a shorter and more acidic digestive tract than usual. This makes it more efficient at digesting meat and fat. Obligate carnivores rely on meat to supply the vast majority of their needed nutrients. Whereas some carnivores can survive with plant-based proteins, cats will gain more nutrients from meat. That doesnt mean cats should eat only meat; which isnt healthy either. Most experts recommend that 40% to 50% of a cats diet should be protein with most of that protein coming from meat. With the 92% meat content of Alpha Spirit food, you know you are giving your cat the best.

Although cats are obligate carnivores and rely on meat for most of their nutritional needs, an all meat diet can cause problems, too. Thiamine, a B vitamin, is an essential nutrient found in plantsmost commonly in cereal grains. Cats need as much as five times more thiamine than dogs do and without it can potentially develop a number of problems, including a head tilt, incoordination, a hunched posture, seizures, and even death. Commercial cat foods contain enough carbohydrates and/or vitamin supplements to supply your cats thiamine needs.

Cats have unique nutritional needs but that doesnt mean feeding your cat has to be difficult. Just remember cats need to eat food or a diet designed specifically for them. Dont feed your cat dog food or allow it to eat dog food. Although dog food doesnt contain anything that would make your cat sick, it does lack several things your cat needs.


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