Beef trim with ox heart (Adult & Kitten) 250g Tub

Beef trim with ox heart (Adult & Kitten) 250g Tub

Buy online 250g tub beef trim and ox heart. A complete natural raw food for kitten and adult cat. Buy wet cat food at the best price from Getcatcrazy




PURRFORM Beef Trim and Ox Heart is a complementary natural raw cat food, that contains nothing more than the ingredients listed.

Our Beef Trim is 95% lean, human grade meat. It has no bone and is therefore suitable for both kittens and adult cats. This can be fed once or twice a week, as an alternative to our other complete cat food products, to give your cat some variety in its diet.

To ensure that your cat still gets all the vitamins, minerals, & amino acids, including taurine, on a daily basis, we have also developed our ownPurrform Complete Powder Supplementwhich has been specifically formulated to be used in conjunction with this meat product, to make it a complete food.

Composition: 85% Minced Beef Trim, 15% Ox Heart.

Analytical constituents: Moisture 69%, Protein 18%, Fat 12.5%, Crude Ash 1.4%, Crude Fibre 0.5%.

Daily Allowance: For a 4kg cat, approximately 120g of food is required, per day, spread over 2 meals. This is only a guide, please feed sufficient food to keep your pet in a lean, healthy condition.

Net Weight 250g Frozen product


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