Why is my cat suddenly smelling bad?

26 Oct 2018

October 26, 2018

Cats are independent and usually very clean animals, I have several cats and because they were dumped and left to die, they are getting on.

Illness can be a major cause like kidney and liver problems or ulcers in the mouth or even battle scars such as small wounds, fleas and parasites can all be a reason for bad health, this affects the condition of their coat and their well being.

Check if the cat has lost weight, stopped eating become reserved and has not the energy they used too, these are some of the signs of being unwell, since it is difficult to tell if a cat is not well, also check for any sores or injuries.

Just like us cats do need some maintenance like brushing, cleaning their teeth regularly.

l cleans all my cats’ teeth every couple of weeks and washing a cat can also help.

Bad tooth decay can cause problems like poisoning the blood stream, ulcers and tender gums so this is just as important to maintain.

Flea bites are the most common this can cause scabbing, sores and loss of fur which needs to be dealt with so regular flea and worm treatment is advised.

Herbal treatments can help with neutralising the smells and help keep the body in order, when cats get older they need a little more help it is common for older cats to have issues like arthritis and pancreas problems this can affect the kidneys and other organs.

Once these issues are dealt with your cat odour will improve and be back to normal it is finding the cause that is important.

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