What is Feline Stomatitis?

6 May 2022

March 06, 2019

Is a dental disease, certain viruses and some other inflammatory conditions can cause feline stomatitis, this is severe and painful inflammation of a cat’s mouth and gums it results in inflammation of the mucosal tissue of the mouth.

Often because of the extreme pain cat will go off their food, and may paw at their mouths, you may also notice personality changes they can have bloody saliva and may lose weight.

This can be transmitted to humans and other animals through a scratch or bite’.

Bartonella infection which may be from chronic inflammatory conditions such as asstomatitis inflammation of the mouth, gingivitis inflammation of the gums and inflammatory bowel disease. This is primarily transmitted to cats by fleas.

Vets will likely recommend managing a dental disease as part of the overall treatment plan there is no single cause of stomatitis the belief is chronic viral infections such as calicivirus and herpesvirus which weakens the cat’s immune systems which can result in FIV infection and are prone to having chronic viral infections.

Pain management is crucial they may prescribe anti-inflammatory steroids to treat the infection and reduce bacteria.

Stoma Is when there is an opening of oral cavity or mouth inflammation.

What are the signs? 

They will have bad breath their gums will be inflamed and red, if it spreads will go to the teeth eating and swallowing will become difficult and painful.

Many cats will have tooth resorption, it may appear to be growing into a tooth or the tooth may appear to have a hole.

Some of the herbal remedies that can help are Myrtle, Safflower and building up the immune system to assist with recovery.

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