What are the views on Tags and Collars for Cats

2 Sep 2018

September 02, 2018

This is much to a personal preference some are sceptical with having collars and tags on pets the main concern is with cats getting caught and strangling from trees and confined spaces, therefore when considering a collar make sure It has safety features that release.

In favour of such items, people know this cat belongs to someone and is not a stray or dumped with tags if a cat is lost they can be returned to the rightful owner.

Also, with bells gives a way of alarming birds and small creatures giving them a chance to survive when a father or mother of an animal is killed this impact on the young and the survival of the species.

Gives your cat identity and a personal touch with the type of collar or tag chosen and is easily identified.

When cats get in fights they can get their claws caught in the collar although most cats that have been neutered have a clam way about them and are unlikely to get into scraps mainly because they are well feed and cared for and have a purpose.

In today’s market there is plenty of choice and colours and a ride range of material used to give that special feel for your loved pet.

Make sure collar is not too tight rule of thumb be able to put the tip of your fingers between the cat and collar.