What are the benefits of Raspberry Leaf

27 Jul 2018

July 27, 2018

This if very popular with breeders Raspberry Leaf will help ensure that your dog or cat’s labour runs smoothly. This really helps where a difficult delivery is anticipated and is recommended for every pregnancy to help ensure an easy delivery. This is also useful aid in the prevention of pseudo-pregnancy (false pregnancy/phantom pregnancy) in dogs and cats a condition where milk is produced in the absence of actual pregnancy and which is often persistent after each oestrus (called heat or season).

This traditional herb remedy for the symptomatic relief of problems associated with whelping of kittens is an aid in the prevention of pseudo-pregnancy in dogs and cats.

 Other benefits are tones and strengthens smooth muscle such as the uterus and bladder since it ensures an easy and straightforward delivery and has been known as a birth aid for hundreds of years. This has been known to help with births that have experienced problems with delivery having normal births by suppling this a week after birth will help with ensuring complete expulsion of the placentas.

 Other benefits are Vitamin C found in raspberries has helped with skin tissue repair damaged tissues and can aid in cell regeneration and help with bones ligaments and blood vessels as well.
 With both Vitamin A and C found in raspberries will contribute to eye health as well as phenols and antioxidants this protects the eye from dryness and other pollutants and aids in weight loss.

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