Wet vs Dry Cat Food: Which Food Is Better For My Cat?

1 Apr 2021

April 01, 2021

What kind of food you choose to feed your cat is an important decision. Like humans, the quality and quantity of food play a vital role in her health and well-being. It can be not easy to find healthy options to fit your budget. Cat food is majorly classified into two categories- Dry Food & Wet Food.

Today in this blog, we are going to discuss wet or dry cat food! We will also understand which food is best for cats. So before you buy cat food online, please give it a read below.

Here is some information we have discovered that can help you decide which option best meets your cat's needs.


You first need to decide if you are going to feed your pet wet or dry food. Wet food comes in cans, and dry food comes in bags, usually in the shape of small pellets. Your choice depends on your pet's preferences. Each type of food has its pros and cons. Dried food costs less than canned food and does not spoil quickly. But it has low moisture content and is high in carbohydrates compared to canned food. Dry food also does a better job of keeping your cat's teeth clean through chewing and crunching.

Wet food is often high in protein and gives your cat extra moisture to promote good kidney and urinary tract function. Most cats enjoy canned food, and you won't have to cum too much to eat them. If your pet is a new addition, you may need to experiment to see what kind of food she likes. If the cat-likes canned or dry food, try first and see if she can eat it. Buy a small bag or just a few boxes if you know the food is not working.


  1. Better Overall Hydration

Cats don't like water! It is observed that cats often avoid drinking standing water. The reason behind this is maybe the standing water is a significant breeding ground for bacteria and insects. Subsequently, cats dislike having water from their bowls. However, water is essential for a cat's body and a better digestion system; in this scenario, it is advisable to serve the cat with wet food to ensure smooth digestion. 

  1. Promotes Lean Body Mass

Vets suggest that wet food provides more protein to cats, supporting a solid muscle system. Having adequate protein and maintaining muscle health help the cat experience healthy adulthood as well as old age.

Cats naturally lose LBM with age. However, you can sustain it by providing high protein in the form of wet food.

  1. Adds More Variety

Just like you and me, even cats don't like eating the same food again and again! They get bored with regular dry food and crave variety. You can satisfy their craving by offering wet food to your cat. When you go to the market to buy cat food, you'll find that there's a wide variety available of wet cat food. Wet food adds a feast to cats' daily meals. Each meal will be like a party for your cat with multiple flavours, colours, and textures of wet food.


  1. Food Safety

It is a fact that dry food lasts for a long time. Unlike wet food, you can store dry food for days without concerning about food safety. While the wet food hardly stays fresh for a few hours after opening the can, you can use the dry food for 10-15 days. And in some cases, dry food lasts even longer.

  1. Gives More Value

As far as dry food is concerned, let us tell you that it adds more value to cats' diet. While wet food is considered a good source of protein, dry food provides more fibers and other nutrition essential for a cat's better health.

  1. For Picky Cats

Dry food is a perfect option for picky cats. This might sound hilarious, but when cats don't like a particular dish, they tend to get angry spill the food. In this case, wet food becomes messy; however, they can't mess with dry food. It is an easy option for picky cats.

You cannot rely entirely on one type of food, be it wet or dry food; too much or too little of both can be harmful. Thus it is advisable to maintain a balance between dry food and wet food for your cat. You try to train your cat for both dry and wet food as both are equally necessary for her well-being.

What are you waiting for? Just go and buy cat food online, and don't forget to add a combination of wet and dry food.