Washing your Cat

19 Oct 2018

October 19, 2018

I have fifteen cats and wash my cats three times a year, a lot of people do not however wash their cat at all, from my own experience I find that cats really hate being washed and I have never come across a cat being happy or easy to wash.

Although after they are dried off and brushed and all the lose fur gone they purr and are happy to be rid of the flea dust and any parasites, their fur is light and fluffy, and they smell wonderful with the lavender in the shampoo this soothes their skin and conditions their fur.

Some how they know this is for their wellbeing, when I hunt around for my next victim they escape where they can they meow and show their discontent and are very good at letting the rest know since some you would think they were being murdered.

To wash a cat I put the cat shampoo on first of all, and move the substance over them I have the sink full of warm water and a plastic jug, important to hold the cat by the back of the neck to keep control, then put them in the bath tub and pour enough over to wash the cat, then rinse the cat down thoroughly.

I dry them with a towel and brush them to get rid of any lose fur or parasites.

Even with regular treatment for fleas and worms’ cats still need further assistance, and in some cases I have found solutions have stopped working so changing what you treat your cat with every now and then can be more effective.

Coming up to summer time they have a lot of excess fur which needs to be got rid of either wise your cats will be coughing up fur balls and being sick.

Also, since cats are very clean animals they are constantly cleaning themselves with fleas being a constant issue and trying to keep under control, this can add to further problems with internal parasites.

Coming up to winter they are growing their winter coats which is a haven for these parasites with the warmth of their systems, with washing your cat this gets rid of any unwanted visitors, conditioning their coats.

Also, this helps with controlling unwanted parasites and works in well with worming and flea treatment for your cat.

I have found with taking in strays this has helped all the cats to be friends there are very few arguments since cats smell each other and lick each other, they are also more loving and contented, their personalities have changed considerable and on a whole the house hold is a happy one with the cats planning on how to get one over myself.

They work as a team and have been known to open boxes, wrapped presents and get the treats they want I never underestimate the power of a team of cats.

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