Unconditional Love

25 Sep 2020

September 25, 2020

Like other areas of Britain there is a mix of wealth in the community and of course the poorer get hit harder and sometimes the pressure of life has so much bearing that the first thing to go is a cat or dog. In other cases they are just an item and not treasured like we see on the charity ads asking for help I do not totally blame them it is sometimes hard to get help and this is an area I am passionate in and hopefully can make a difference.

I have fifteen cats because of these cats not being wanted and I could not stand the thought of them suffering so I stepped up and have a little family of my own, they are so grateful, you see the love in their eyes they rub against me to tell me they love me.

They often want to be close to me and like a little play time they get on pretty well as a rule they can be mischievous at times, they are like children I realise an animal never forgets they remember what has happened to them and this can reflect in their personalities on how they connect with other animals and yourself.

I notice one key element with animals they honour us humans like gods, they look to us for comfort, for attention and love they watch every move and know you are taking care of them, every cat has changed dramatically, they are calmer and come to me on their terms, reminds of when I was a child and look up to my parents and grand parents they where god in my eyes, these animals are the same.

Animals need attention and care and are like children they need to know what is acceptable and what is not. Even when they are not happy about being looked after properly like washing, teeth cleaning they realise you do this to benefit them, because every cat is treated the same they get on I notice they go by smell and this has a major bearing of acceptance in the group.

When the environment they are in is calm cats are happy when I had people in the home and there was conflict they acted differently becoming shy or destructive they are very tuned into the environment they are in, the love between the animals of caring for each other they are a pack in a way all with their individual beauty in their personalities each giving heaps of love and in a way I found more comfort with them than some people their intentions are just honourable and unconditional love.