Spring and Joy for Cats

20 Mar 2020

March 20, 2019

This time of the year I look forward to after having my seventeen cats inside over the bad weather the ones that would have died are now fit and healthy and the bond in the group is very strong and soon, they will be able to enjoy the outdoor weather safely.

It is also true for kittens born around this time, with plenty of mice and food to hunt the stray kittens have better chance of survival.

Also, this is around the time of year mating will start and only the strong will survive, the main problem will come later as the weather changes and the cold nights and icy conditions start, this is when cats will have problems.

The other issue for spring cats will be food scraps that have no real nutritional value if maggots and blow flies get on this then this causes illness and can be fatal.

Also, an unkept cat will suffer from fleas and parasites which will eat away at their intestines causing them to bleed which can be contagious to other pets.

An organisation that saved cats the kittens would only eat bread since this is all they could scavenge to survive, cats and kittens will adapt to their conditions, Socks a cat I rescued drinks from the tap even with fresh water about since this is how she learnt to get a drink from taps when left outside.

Cats and kittens that have managed and finally found love and joy and are able to enjoy their lives become very affectionate and attached they are grateful, at first, they will charge for food and growl when they realise there is plenty to go around and are contented, they will settle down.

Ginger Megs I struggled to gain his trust he ate food that was frozen which caused internal damage, he enjoyed the spring summer and autumn and was a totally different cat he played and enjoyed the sun in the hammocks and lived probably six months longer this caused heart issues.

As spring approaches cats should be neutered to avoid such suffering and enjoy the spring with the beautiful butterfly’s , birds and flying objects and the scent of spring, it is also important to know that some of the beautiful flowers are poisonous to cats and can cause kidney and liver problems.