Self-Warming Beds Benefits for your Pets

3 Apr 2019

There are several benefits with heated beds especially with older pets for any joint pain, helps with convalescing or sick pet assist their immune system giving them a boost encourages rest and relaxation in the warmth of their bed which also helps with both mood and health.

Cats need warmth and comfort curling up into a ball, my cats curl up together or like to settle down closely to me for security and affection.

Especially when you are not in this helps them when they are alone and ageing cats feel the cold more and often suffer from arthritis this is where it can make a huge difference.

Is great for managing pain, sore muscles, weak joints and releases tension, cats that are exposed to low temperatures and harsh winds often their immune system is weakened which makes them more susceptible to catching feline colds, flu and other illnesses.

Therefore, if your loved cat does get viruses or becomes unwell a warm and relaxed bed will help the body to heal faster and strengthen the immune system.

There are several types on the market to choose from like microwavable pads, thermal beds, electric beds or ones that sit on the radiator.

Healthy happy cats cost less since visits to the vet are rare and with a contented pet, they respect their surroundings more, cats that do not get what they need let you know in unfavourable ways.

Cats love softness and padding and often need to have an area they call their own it gives the same security and love a mother cat gives her kitten.

Leaving you to enjoy the benefits of your furry friend.


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