Return to Work Own a Cat

18 May 2020

May 18, 2020

Over the lock down a few people may have found comfort in having a cat, while you are home the cat has had company and very settled in a routine,  from having many myself I know cats get into a routine and enjoy the attention, so what can you do?

Cats do get lonely like us, when this happens, they can become naughty their way of telling you they are not happy especially if your time of employment request you are away for a long period of time. So, a few tips to help you with a great life being with your cat.

Cats love scratching an empty box will keep them amused my cats scratch a whole and play with each other clean up the few bits of paper and leave for them, scratch post around the home, plenty of fresh water, rain water preferable, if you have to use tap water it has chemicals in it and can be harmful to your cat so boil the water before serving or bottled water.

Plenty of dry biscuits , give fresh meat or tinned food no more than twice a day, the odd treat when you come home let your cat know you love them and give them attention when you get in, this is important you have not been around for some time they will soon get used to the idea.

Clean trays morning and night for them to go in, cats are very clean and will not use dirty trays they will poo on flooring etc either wise.

Keep lids down on toilets cats like to drink from toilets, with toilet fresheners and chemicals in the water can make your cat sick.

Also have some toys around cats will sleep 80% of the time, although like us they do need exercise so make sure they have plenty of room to exercise.

Put covers on furniture to protect them and tell them off when they are naughty raised voice and a slight tap gets the message across.

I have kept my cats inside while the pandemic has been around except for a few which will not go any where near people to keep the risk low.

Cats love being brushed, and this is a good way of keeping them clean and well-conditioned.

Play with your cat they love the attention like we do.