Obesity – Overweight cats what to do?

23 Oct 2018

October 23, 2018

We do not think of cats as being like us, in fact they are very similar and suffer like us humans, if we allow a cat to become fat. The cat is in fact at risk of getting diabetes, hepatic lipidosis and even arthritis.

 It is very difficult if you have a cat that roams and gets food else where so taking control can be difficult ask people not to feed your cat.

There is a simple rule of thumb, if any animal or person eats more calories than they burn off then this is added to body gain.

So, quantity and quality are important, today with so much food to choose from and efficient livestock management and food processing and preservatives can add to the calorie problem. Especially with being able to restore food in fridges and freezers to keep fresh.

 A lot of people will claim their pet is overweight and it is not the food, she or he hardly eats a thing.

What is important that cats can get exercise, I have a lot of cats and with so many and over winter for their safety I keep them inside, so it is important they have enough room to roam and toys, scratch posts available for them.

Tests can be performed to measure the blood and urine it is vital that normal thyroid hormone levels are present, and the cat has no physical or metabolic dysfunction. You may need to follow a careful weight loss program.

So, what can cause the problem? Free choice feeding. Feeding too much food every time the cat squeals, cats can eat all the time with so much food available giving heaps of treats. A cat should have 0.6 and 1.0 ounce of food per meal for a seven-pound cat about the same weight as a mouse.

 Cats unlike dogs have no carbohydrate digesting enzyme called Amylase in their saliva they digest their food in the intestine amylase secreted from the pancreas breaks down large carbohydrate molecules into absorbable smaller units of glucose also cats can be less active than dogs.

Dry food has higher levels of flour and sugar than canned foods normally so fresh food and non-processed food supplied as well to give a balanced diet.

Cats are carnivores, so they need fresh meat with a lot of foods that are processed can cause health issues with obesity, so quality is important.

 Cats cannot handle large carbohydrate loads efficiently the blood level of glucose tends to stay higher than normal for long periods of time they become persistently hyperglycemic and this long-term stimulus on the beta cells in the pancreas the cells that produce insulin therefore being at risk of diabetes.

Cats should be feed high in protein and a lower percentage in carbohydrates which is grains. Cat treats should be sparingly and not to replace a meal.

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