Muscle Issues in Cats

19 Sep 2018

September 19, 2018

Cats are flexible although with normal activity disruption in a muscle can happen a normal muscle can be stretched, pinched when injury occurs they can result in fibre disruption weakening and immediate or delayed separation of the uninjured portions.

Alternatively, the muscle structure may be comprised by systemic or iatrogenic an injury caused by medical care the rupture may be either complete or incomplete which could be in the middle of the muscle or at the muscle tendon junction. The condition may respond well to rest with chronic effects are often progressive and unresponsive to support therapies.

So, what is acute injury? Localised swelling heat and pain which shows normally in a few days to a week, immediate lameness that is characterised by the specific muscle affected. If this develops it can be come chronic. When muscle pain originates in any of the muscles in the body the medical term for muscle pain is myalgia. Muscle pain arises due to injury or overexertion infection of the soft tissues or inflammatory conditions.

Your cat may limp or meow with a short high pitch meow to let you know something is wrong or become restless and inactive.

Check for anything in the paw if this continues your vet may want to x-ray and see what is happening for a suitable treatment.

Suggestions for minor injury: Chamomile tea can be safe for cats in small amounts, this can be given by mouth; give ½ teaspoon to an average size cat. Chamomile tea can be used to soothe the area by dabbing on with a cotton ball or put in a spray to spritz onto the skin. It is also good for cleaning cats’ ears mix with a little bit of white vinegar.

Turmeric tablets with magnesium, phosphate can help to support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes.


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