Molly Dreaming my Little Black Cat

12 Nov 2018

November 12, 2018

I managed to catch Molly, she always shy’s away and is normally picked on by other cats, she never comes in and over winter I get them all in and it challenging to manage with all of them.

I had Molly in my arm cradled while she slept, she seemed to have nightmares, she twitched heavily, and her legs went and her body, then suddenly she would wake and purr and go back to sleep with the same vigorous movements.

To get her trust is challenging and I know from having animals that are dumped they are longed to belong and have the attention, with Molly being out side I fear this has affected her.

Scientist have done several studies on animals especially rats and have found from their day activities they dream when asleep their brain switches off and the sleep is needed for all mammals to have good health.

Sleep is a natural state characterised by reduced consciousness and the reduction or cessation of sensory and voluntary muscular activity, which means there is no eating, or walking during sleep. Sleep aids in growth and repair of the body system, during sleep the brain also appears to process information gained and experiences that have occurred during the day.

There are two main types of sleep rapid eye movement Rem and non-rapid eye movement Non-Rem sleep. During Rem sleep as the suggested the dreamer’s eye move rapidly and randomly and their brain activity mirrors that of the animal when awake. While the dreamer may appear quite active during this stage of sleep, they are very difficult to waken, younger animals spend more time in dream sleep than older ones probably due to processing new information.

When a cat dreams the paws and whiskers will twitch including the body depending on the dream.