Missing Cats

29 Aug 2018

August 29, 2018

 A well loved cat is part of the family and from time to time a cat will go missing, first of all when you have a cat or kitten you should keep them in for approximately a month old wife’s tail butter on paws this some how works, they lick the butter off and walk around their home to realise this is where they belong, although cats choose their owners.

Some of the reasons cats go missing, new born, change in the house or new pet, cats generally do not like change and they certainly do not like unease in the house hold they are very perceptive and can read emotions very well.

If a cat feels very much at unease they will try and find another home that suits them and sometimes a cat will move in with a neighbour a few houses away and not come back.

Cats should always be chipped and neutered this is for the health and the environment and in the case that a disaster happens you at least know, also it has been known for cats to get under a car and travel distances and be found many miles away so chipping an animal can result in your loving friend returning safe.

It has been known for cats to travel miles and miles to get back to their owner and turn up years later, also getting a cat used to coming in the house in winter months and cooler nights of the year is very beneficial.

Black cats are unlucky since they are more likely not to be seen my motorist also those people who do not like cats will not consider the well fare of the animal.

It has been known at dusk for animals to go missing years ago an oriental take away in the Tamworth area was closed because of cats hanging on hooks and skins left to dry.

There are also barbaric sports where cats are put to suffer so aiming at getting your cat in at night has many benefits.

People who have birds and do not like cats can have sprinkler systems or put ginger, lemon pepper about cats do not like scratching near strong citrus peel or pepper.

Cats that are sprayed with the hose or water know they are not welcome and will soon get the message.  Do understand all animals have feelings like ourselves and will go to where they are welcome.