Litter Trays

8 Aug 2018

August 08, 2018

One of the most important items with owning a cat is how do you choose your litter tray, depending on how much you want to spend, I have sixteen cats the trick is to keep the trays clean in summer not such a problem the cats are out and about.

Plastic trays can smell after a while even with protectors since the substance is pee the best way I found to clean them is with toilet cleaner after a while I change the trays with having so many cats.

The covered litter trays with doors the cats do not like going through the doors and I have had to move them, so the cats use them, the next challenge is to get the cat litter they like with the cheaper brands this can be hard on their pads and your cat may not want to use the tray for this reason, also they are not treated and can smell.

Cats are very clean animals they will not use a dirty tray, so this is very important that they are changed regularly, the better made trays helps your cat keep clean and are unlikely to crack and break like the cheaper versions.

Litter liners are good when you have only a few cats although they can break and tear with the claws.

It is always wise to have a few trays around for cats, so you have time to clean them and keep your cat happy.