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22 Nov 2018

November 22, 2018

I read an article the price of cuteness and the latest victims, cat people buying specially breed cats like flat faces and folded ears the only problem is because of the genes and breeding there are complications and extra cost in veterinary bills these may make great and unusual photos on social media, the only problem is the welfare issues that goes with owning such a cat which becomes a novelty leaving homeless suffering cats.

From the article they state that BVA Voice of the Veterinary Professing latest survey that brachycephalic cats, such as Persians and Exotic Shorthairs have the most common conformation related treatments with other associated cost.

Eye problems (69%)

Breathing/respiratory problems (60%)

Dental issues (45%) and 

Skin problems (32%).

Some breeds like Scottish Fold even though they are cute suffer from arthritis and joint pain because of the gene which affects the cartilage to allow the ears to fold forward, they suffer from arthritis in early stages of their life,

Social Media is high on photos of cuteness and all types of interesting cats so when choosing a breed take into consideration of the extra expense and needs for your animal.

As an owner I have animals that people do not want the eighteen cats which some of them had personality and real behaviour issues initially, with love and attention and giving them what they need they have changed rapidly and are all loving in their own way they show appreciation and have feelings and needs like any child it is very awarding, to see how these animals develop and how their behaviour changes.

All so sadly, the cost of vets and time needed to make sure cats are happy and well looked after is not considered the main problem is letting cats just breed and not getting them neutered and letting these little souls suffer a slow and miserable end.