Kidney Problems in Cats: How to Look for the Signs?

9 Feb 2019

February 07, 2019

Function of the Kidney: Kidneys key function is to get rid of waste products from the body. If they stop working properly then waste will build up which is known as kidney failure or renal failure.

If this happens quickly over a short period of time like weeks or months, then it is renal failure if this happens slowly over a long period time then it is chronic renal failure.

So, what are the Signs to look for? If your cat is urinating frequently or drinking a lot of water, has mouth ulcers, especially on the gums and tongue, bad breath with an ammonia like odour. Weight loss and decreased appetite. Vomiting, diarrhoea and bloody or cloudy urine. Prolonged bleeding, Drowsiness, lethargy. Weakness, general itching, swelling, Breathlessness, muscle twitching.

What causes the problem? Bacterial infections of the bladder and kidney.

Triggered by serious illness or an operation, blood loss, a fall in blood pressure or severe dehydration, if the problem last long enough then this can lead to permanently damaged kidneys. Also, toxins, poisons and traumas.

Chronic renal failure can result from any disease that causes a gradual loss of kidney function like diabetes and hypertension high blood pressure are the most common causes. Other causes include glomerulonephritis or any type of polycystic kidney disease or ongoing blockage of the ureter, infection and kidney damage from long term painkiller use. Thyroid problems and cancer. Symptoms vary depending on the type of kidney failure.

Diet is Very important the cat needs to have small amounts daily give good quality food in some cases special formula foods are best. Dry food can be heated in the microwave until lukewarm never hot to soften the texture and release aroma.

Products like chemeyes-k Potassium can help maintain a healthy kidney by controlling potassium levels.

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