It’s a Cat’s Life:

25 Jul 2018

July 25, 2018

You know the saying you are what you eat, the same is for your cat, what a lot of people do not realise is the knock-on effect with health issues with cats when it comes to vet bills.

If we consider dry food usually they will compose of different supplements like meat, grains, sugar and additives while all cat foods have this type of composition, the better brands with have a higher percentage of good ingredients.

What you may not know: Cats are carnivores meat eaters their bodies are not designed for process of grains and vegetables what cat food companies do with the cheaper products is use more grain. This is where health issues can come apparent like diabetes, allergies etc from eating too much grain.

In a cheaper product their will, be less meat fish salmon chicken and more grains with cats they have a high-water percentage in their bodies if you take a wild cat they will eat mice for example which has 75/80% water therefore not only will they get the quality of meat they will not need to drink as much water.

If you look at the canned foods they contain far more water than dry food the ingredients conclude grains, vegetables and flower in some can products the actual percentage of meat can be as low as 1% which leaves % made up of other ingredients. With cheaper brands they contain a lot of added flavours and supplements to make it taste better.

So, what are the problems with low quality foods, too much grain can cause obesity and urinary infections and low quality canned food can cause severe diarrhoea and diabetes, meaning your cat is not necessary getting all the nutrients they need. With quality brands they have more meat and a higher percentage of proteins than sugars.

Check the percentage of meat since cats are carnivores they rely on protein in their diet compared to a product that has grain listed in their product.

What to look out for: Foods that have a lot of dyes in or a lot of preservatives such as sodium nitrate or BHA and BHT these can sometimes cause illnesses in the cat and the preservatives can alter the blood pressure and other blood levels in the animal some preservatives can damage the kidneys and liver foods that have rendered fat, garlic and meat by products should be excluded from your selection because you do not know what meat is actually used.

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