How to Solve Biting in Cats

31 May 2019

May 31, 2019

Cats bite for a reason they are like children, they have their limits and if you push them too far or go beyond the attention, they need they will bite.

Cats become stimulated with five minutes of petting and stroking, then stop, if a cat feels threatened, they will naturally try to defend themselves, if you push them over the edge, they will bite you. Watch your cat and notice their body language for irritation. Usually their ears will flatten they will stair and their tail will start to flick.

When a cat has had enough, they will use their claws or teeth this is a way to tell you to stop.

Training a cat is best from kittenhood, with older cats it takes patience enticing a cat to play gentle game of play fighting, praise your cat, tone down the play if the cat gets rough and play dead. This usually causes a cat to calm down and retract its claws.

 Cats need to play and be able to pounce a squeaky mouse I find is a good way to excite them and gives them plenty of pleasure and a way to get their teeth and claws into the toy.

 Cats are predators’ cats will always have the instinct to hunt there are inexpensive toys to excite them. If cats can play their aggression usually goes, they tend to sleep a lot which helps a lot with their behaviour sometimes biting and playful clawing shows their affection towards you.

Kittens teeth between three to eight months this is when they have the strongest urge to bite, so give them chewable toys they are just like babies.

Getting cats neutered when they are old enough helps with aggressive behaviour which calms them down. Hormones can be raging especially males they are highly territorial.  Loneliness can also be a reason or boredom if they are left on their own a lot, they need attention, friendship and sometimes a buddy.

Sometimes they can be aggressive because they have been betrayed and feel insecure or had bad memories from their past this means you need to give just the right attention and not force yourself onto the cat, you earn a cats respect and love this is through taking good care of them, cats know when they are loved and show their affection in return, so be patient.

They will let you know if they need a clean litter tray and will often snuggle up against you.