How to Keep Cats Away from Your Garden

29 Mar 2019

March 29, 2019

With animals being dumped regularly this is a problem to bird owners and people who do not want cats in their garden who wants their children playing in a litter tray or loved new plants dug up.

Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and the Scottish and Northern Irish equivalents all cats are protected from harm therefore harming an animal is an offence under the animal welfare legislation so care needs to be taken.

There are few things you can consider cat’s do not like water if you hose them a few times they will get the message and keep away do not aim at eyes and defiantly no high pressure this can injure a cat and is gruel.

You can implement an automatic garden spray, triggered by an infrared movement detector.

Cats do not like citrus or pepper when digging so this can be a deterrent.

Make sure all lids on bins are secure cats are scavengers they will go through any food scraps any chicken bones etc will splinter and injure a cat.

If you feed a cat, then it will welcome itself around your home as an invitation and will probably thank you with its deposits.

When cultivating shrubs closely to reduce places for cats to dig and consider what ground cover like small stones chipping and small rocks which is difficult for them to dig.

You can spread chicken manure around beds and borders, using Soil Association approved pellets rather than fresh manure

Lion dung infused pellets, coleus canina and crushed egg shells are sometimes successful at deterring cats from flower beds and pots.

Cats do not like strong smelling plants with aviaries and birds make sure all cages are secure a cat can hear for many miles and have a great sense of smell.

Decking and fencing should be treated so cats do not scratch the fencing and decking.

Block any access points to shelter this makes it less attractive to any stray cats that might be passing by fence off any areas below porch or decking area, make sure any holes or narrow gaps in your house or garage are sealed up.

On the market there are cat repellents that can be useful or scare cat products that can be effective.

 A few tips on a cat free zone enjoy your garden.