How to Give Your Cat Medication

16 Mar 2019

March 16, 2019

Cats are intelligent creatures if you think you can get one over them and put in their food think again often enough, they can tell their sense of smell is much better than ours and they can usually detect something is different.

I feel after being a proud mother of seventeen cats and getting around every one of them I have learnt some techniques.

A mother cat will carry her kitten by the scruff of the neck, since this is the best way of controlling her baby, just the same with older cats if you can control a cat easily by the neck hold the skin firmly so the head is back you can use a spoon or syringe and put the liquid against the teeth when the mouth opens tip the solution in.

Some cats are easy than others if you have some disposable gloves put the tablet in between two fingers and put down the very back of the throat and rub the neck so the tablet goes down.

A tablet holder can also be used which you put in the mouth and push the tablet in before the cat knows it the tablets are down the throat.

With very difficult cats you may need to wrap the cat around with a towel to hold it still like a straight jacket again hold the scruff of the neck and put the substance against the teeth to get into the mouth.

Remember not to tilt the head right back keep the cat in normal position so they can swallow naturally you do not want to choke the cat.

Always follow instructions if you must give medication a couple of times in the day then best to keep cat inside over this period and change the time slightly cats will be aware of when you are going to give medication and will hide and make themselves scarce.

Cats can become agitated and difficult stop and stroke the cat calm them then give it another go once you have medicated the cat then let the cat go, if you leave the cat and try and go back this will be more difficult sometimes you have to patience of a saint.

Cats are easier than most animals because you can control them by the scruff of the neck and do not forget to give them some reassurance and love so they know you are really taking care of them.