How to Deal with Cat Allergies

20 Oct 2018

October 20, 2018

People that suffer certain allergies like Asthma and hay fever, immunology fear allergic reactions, one of the hard issues is being able to deal with allergies and owning a cat when you are sneezing and having watery eyes.

So, what causes the Allergies? People with cat allergies have oversensitive immune systems their bodies mistake harmless things like cat dander for dangerous invaders and attack them as if they are bacteria or viruses which is a side effect symptom of the allergy or trigger.

What causes the allergy is the cat protein called Fel d emanating from sebum found in the sebaceous glands of cats the protein attaches itself to dried skin, called dander, that flakes of and floats through the air when cats wash themselves.

You can purchase special covers that are designed to prevent allergies from penetrating onto your mattress and pillows, this can take time though and may not work immediately.

Brush your cat outside to prevent loose allergen carrying hair from dispersing into the home wear gloves if need be.

Do not touch your eyes unless you have washed your hands

Steam clean carpets

Use Petal Cleanse a special product with a lotion composed of cleansers and moisturisers which removes dander saliva and urine form the coat of your cat and wash your cat.

Have a vacuum cleaner which is especially designed for pets since vacuuming can throw as many allergens in the air as it removes.

Air your home so you get fresh air through the home

Keep litter boxes clean

Wash your bedding regularly

If you build up a resistance and take any medication needed you will find you will more than likely be able to enjoy your furry friend and have a great bonding and friendship.