How Far do Cats Roam?

4 Jun 2019

June 04, 2019

Studies taken out on cats they found they had wandered approximately 100 meters from their home with a tracker fitted on one cat he traveled eight acres in a twenty-four hour period.

Cats have been known to travel around the neighborhood to as far as three to four blocks away from their home.

National Geographic and other organisations have put trackers on and found that cats do like to roam and will travel distances these are well looked after pets.

I have found when cats are unwanted and dumped to survive the feral cats will travel much greater distances, a tom cat was seen in many streets did many blocks looking for food where he could get a meal or two, he constantly did his rounds.

I have many cats from being dumped after having them neutered and providing them with food and care they have not ventured as far as they used to, they stay close to the garden and only travel to one or two homes.

Cats can get into or under cars and end up travelling miles we have had a few cats returned to their rightful owners that live ten or more miles away which was located through Facebook.

Cats have been known to travel for hundreds of miles to get back to their original home they have a great sense of direction.

Cats like to roam and jump over fences it is important on the darker evenings for this reason to try and get cats in at night for their safety.