How do cats cry?

19 Mar 2022

March 19, 2022

I noticed people asking do their cats cry and how they can tell if they are in pain, cats will hide their distress and signs of pain if they can, cats in the wild are at high risk of further injury therefore instinct kicks in.

Cats do not show tears as such, they will make a small whine or whimper and sometimes you must really listen. This is a cat crying in pain or experiencing strong emotions they will hide in closets or hide away, a cat will know if they are dying and will often not want their owner to know and will often stray and chose to die elsewhere.

Cats will try and heal themselves with the vibration on purring this is a way of self-soothing in cats if your cat is showing other signs or symptoms of being unwell and is purring unprovoked it may be that they are in pain.

If their tummy hurts or they have arthritic joints or are injured, they vocalize, cat with systemic medical problems like thyroid disease or kidney malfunction often associated with high blood pressure may howl.

When a cat is unwell you will notice their appetite reduced, lethargy, decreased interest in positive things like playing, social interaction and exploring. Withdrawn and hiding away, appearing lame, and experiencing increased sensitivity to touch in specific areas of their body. Reduction in movement and activity, major loss in weight.

Main Symptoms to look out for if you suspect your cat is hurt internally?

  1. Distended abdomen.
  2. Bruising of the ventral abdomen.
  3. Inability to get up.
  4. Visible wounds.
  5. Broken bones.
  6. Limping.
  7. Weakness.
  8. Difficulty breathing.

Cats when they are not feeling well will sometimes be very vocal and meow a lot at you it is their way of telling you something is wrong or become very timid.

Changes in the way they behave can be early signs there is something wrong especially if bleeding continues after worming and flea treatment, in some treatments they can have side affects depending on what is in the medication.

Cats do tend to lick themselves in all areas also look out for thin patches of fur this can be another sign.

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