Horror Stories – Cats

14 Apr 2020

April 14, 2020

I felt I should write about this, since in to day society this is one area that is sometimes overlooked, we see the murder series and how a person suffers at the hands of a killer the fear, the anxiety, and in most cases death.

This relates very much to the animal kingdom they have no right to live, I did not set out to have animals it happened by chance a cat not wanted by the person renting a room from me, then animals being dumped and suffering they were skinny, some had green ears from infection, could not walk and heads bigger than their body. Flea ridden past from home to home and would have been put down.

I could not see this happen, I knew that with cat organisations they are over run and at the time some were putting animals down because of the over -crowding and not being able to cope, these animals deserved to live and have a good life, they have feelings, emotions and memories.

I researched with every cat to work out how to bring them back to good health and in my amazement most did well they have lived good happy lives, what I did notice every one of my cats have made close friends within the group and they look after each other they are very connected and close to myself. They show their love in different ways and I never have time to feel lonely I have a lot of pleasure and at times they show they remember. A small ginger cat hid when the previous owner came around, she was attacked by a dog and this pain and memory stayed with her.

Another cat no one wanted had kittens in the roof of the shop all neighbors got involved the kittens were re homed except for Socks she went from home to home no food or water at times and got what ever she could where she could, a kitten of hers was fed to a dog live and her memory stayed strong she would give me a lot of affection, although hated other cats and would swipe at them eventually she got cancer in one of her eyes and died recently from being knocked over even though we managed to keep it under control, in her life she showed me  the memories and feelings were strong about what happened to her.

I realized how close they are to us in needing love, affection and reassuring, I feel very lucky to have such love they are truly amazing creatures which I can understand why the Greeks used to worship them.

Sadly, from hours of research I come across a lot of suffering, animals thrown out of tall buildings like garbage or moving vehicles.

Being feed alive to sharks and in cruel animal games, owners never bother to get their animal neutered which is so cruel, by neutering them it is a lot cheaper and less stress, leaving them to breed and breed until they die, and the kittens dumped.

Animals not getting the help they need because of expensive vet bills left to die slowly.

People poisoning them and a slow painful death dying on their own.

Left out in the cold until they get frost bite or frozen to death. This is a living soul with feelings, cruelty should be stamped out and not tolerated in any way across the world and hopefully some species will survive and give pleasure to future generations.

I am so grateful for those organisations that invest the time and effort to give animals a chance, feed them, show them they care, give them a roof over their head, these people are living  truly lovely lives of love because the emotional and spiritual well being that comes from loving a pet.