Good Wholesome Food Cats Love

19 Feb 2020

February 19, 2020

I found from cooking bolognaise which is enjoyable for myself cats really love, vegetables and a few herbs and sometimes tin of tomatoes or soup cooked then put in a kitchen food processor so it is smooth in texture and a soup then adding mince giving the dish 80% real mince makes a tasty dish and is inexpensive.

The cats eat dishes of it, cats are predators by nature in the wild they eat their prey which the animals have vegetable content in their stomach, and they get the goodness from the kill.

Domestic home cats can suffer from too much yeast and not enough protein if they have some of the cheaper brands which can cause health issues like the saying your cat is as good as what she or he eats.

The only issue if there is always a lot of food about, they can develop hepatic lipidosis which is known as fatty liver, is one of the most common severe feline liver diseases in cats. The liver’s main functions include protein synthesis, this is the production of chemicals necessary for digestion and detoxification of the body. Liver plays and important role in metabolism the emulsification of fats, this stops blood clotting and decomposition of red blood cells.

Therefore, it is important to not to overfeed your cat and give good quality food and make sure there is plenty of water to help the kidneys and avoid dehydration.

Herbs can boost the immune system and enhance the health of skin and eliminate fleas and help their digestion and get rid of worm’s cats will eat grasses it contain nutritional components that are beneficial to their digestive system, outside in the garden some plants eaten can cause cramping, vomiting diarrhea when a small amount of herbs are put in the dish then the cat is getting an required amount and is cooked in with the vegetables.

There a lot of great herbs like parsley, hydrocotyle, ulgaris borage or yarrow that will boost your cat’s immune system and are very safe helps with digestion and anxiety.

Herbs like dill, peppermint are great for digestion, they are also good for anxiety, and they help with calming also for arthritis and joint problems especially in older animals.

To help with worming fresh thyme, yarrow mix with their food a couple of times a week

Herbs are also great for cats’ skin and fur like thyme, English marigold, chamomile and Gotu Kola if you want to spray onto cat mix in water transfer to a liquid spray bottle and apply to affected area of skin.

Any excessive use of plants will lead to complications when mixed in moderation has many health benefits so enrich your cats live and enhance them with vegetables and herbs and good quality mince.

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