Getcatcrazy – Our Seasonal News 

9 May 2022

Getcatcrazy – Our Seasonal News 

Getcatcrazy has moved platforms after several years of working with marketing companies and receiving very little or no results the decision was made to move to Shopblocks on the assurance the site will be found.

Getcatcrazy has a very new look with all the features and benefits of before, the aim is to get the site working effectively so I can contribute more to charities and help with the wellbeing and welfare of animals, when I do research to bring the answers to pet owners I see a lot of suffering and cruelty it is almost as if we have not moved from the ancient years of cruelty which seems to get the most viewing and attention.

A lot of people who know me, know I have saved cats in my area and took on pets because they had nowhere to go, as enjoyable as they are they can be challenging and I had to do research and get involved with organizations that can provide for pets, this is the reason Sally became a forever living representative.

Over the past couple of months to get Getcatcrazy known more we have run campaigns for people to win £50.00 of products from the suppliers on the site.

The aim is to have good quality products you can trust and be able to cut down on vet costs, anyone with pets knows how this can become expensive, we do not always get the best advice, which is costly, and, in most cases, we are victims of the love for our pets.

We hope you enjoy the site and find what you are looking for however we are always looking to improve and change direction to support you the pet owner united we believe we can make a difference the aim of the course is to stop suffering and educate pet owners so they do not spend unnecessary money finding out what to do.

We hope you find our site and articles interesting and recommend us to pet owners, on the site is also helpful for those who are struggling with the rising cost of living under pet owners’ food help.


Winners of the competition 

Caroline Preston – Cat food and Herbs for her cat 

Helen French – Shedcetra Cat shed with hinge

 We look forward to assisting you with any questions and of course trust you let your fingers do the walking instead of your feet, enjoy that well earned glass of wine and wind down in the evening.