Ear Mites

17 Aug 2018

Ear mites are not necessarily visible they can be seen through a good magnifying otoscope becoming visible against the ear wax in the cat’s ear they will appear black.

Otodectes cynotis known as ear mites are tiny crab like parasites that live in the ear they feed on the ear’s secretions and tissue debris a good sign of ear mite infestation is the presence of a dark wax in the ear a bit like poured dark coffee this dark discharge is  really composed by dead tissue and the waste products produced by mites this occurs in kittens and outdoor cats.

It is important to treat ear mites since they can cause damage to the ear drum or make the cat imbalance a sign of this is when a cat shakes its head or constantly rub its ear they are contagious and can spread from one cat to another.

How to treat your cat? Garlic products is a very good solution, pull your cats ear flap downwards rubbing it if the cat has mites the mites will begin to move put the substance in the ear and rub gently and clean carefully with cotton wool or bud.

Cats will become irritable when effected once this is cleaned the cat will be much happier since their hearing could have been affected.


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