Dry Cat Food – What you should Know?

6 Sep 2018

September 06, 2018

There are a lot of brands and suppliers when it comes to cat food, cats are no different to humans if you eat junk you will get sick and have very little energy and at risk of being overweight. All the senses suffer, and the vets love it they can charge high bills and provide medication for the immediate symptoms.  Which is a knock-on effect. Cats are primary meat eaters they get their goodness from being carnivores they do require protein and greens therefore when purchasing food, cheap is not always the best.

Cats need lots of protein and fat in their diet provide nutrient rich cat food they have a biological need for meat of course they can digest certain plant products in limited amounts, good food will have limited carbohydrates watch out for cat food with corn, wheat or soy ingredients and artificial additives like colours and flavours and artificial preservatives.

When choosing cat food consider the age of the cat and any conditions so you get the best fit, if the food is full of nutrients that is needed your cat will not be so hungry and always make sure there is plenty of water although cats normally will get water from fresh grass and wet foods.

Healthy animals need variety a mixture of good wet and dry food and plenty of water helps with later years and also helps with prevention and illness when buying good well-known brands that are tested and quality checked.

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