Diseases from Dirty Litter Trays

15 Mar 2019

March 15, 2019

Hygiene must be high on the list for yourself and your pet it is just like the bathroom where germs will flourish.

Cats are clean animals and will not want to use a dirty litter tray they will go else where or try and hold it in which could result in urinary tract infections this can cause blockage or kidney failure.

 You are at risk of getting diseases from exposure to a dirty litter box which can transfer from one species to another coming from fungal or bacterial infection and parasite transfer.

When urine and fecal matter accumulate over time in the litter box it produces a toxic ammonia fume that can cause dizziness, headache, pneumonia especially children, pregnant women and the elderly or those of weak immune systems are more at risk when exposed to ammonia.

Fungal infection that affect cats and humans are ringworm's which is a skin infection caused by fungi and Bacterial infection known as cat scratch disease or bartonellosis that can be transmitted the common symptoms are bumps, blisters, or swollen lymph nodes in the bite area, fatigue, headache and fever.

Salmonella is a bacteria found in chicken, raw eggs and feces after cleaning always make sure hands are well cleaned thoroughly with antiseptic hand wash, can use disposable gloves for added protection.

Respect your health always keep trays clean wash regularly do not let them build up and clean them with toilet cleaner this cleans and kills the germs if done at least once a week.

I have seventeen cats over the bad weather months they are inside all the time I do not have a cat flap since I do not want to be at risk of unwanted cats spraying. I clean the trays in the morning quiet a few times before going out and when I get home.

There are several litter products on the market although the cheaper ones can be hard on the paws and clump together which could cause the cat to stop using the litter tray.

Newspaper can be used and is easy to get all the feces and urine up although you need to clean more regularly.

Lemon is perfect for cleaning and getting rid of stains and ammonia.