Danger Summertime and your Cat

20 Mar 2019

May 20, 2019

The summer months are great for outdoors BBQ parties and just chilling a lot of people will not even think about the cat.

Cats that are fair can get sun burned so sun lotion on ears and tender parts on very hot days can make a difference to sunburned ears and nose. Cats can also suffer heat stroke they will lie in the sun sun baking and may become disorientated and act strangely.

This is because they may be suffering heat stroke, cool them down with a cool flannel and put them in a cool shady spot, always make sure they have plenty of water, cats can dehydrate without necessary fluid.

Pools and stagnant water which is likely to become hazardous to health since bacteria and Fungi can grow and is dangerous to animals.

Ticks and fleas do not pinch a tick Grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible with a pair of tweezers. Use tweezers with fine tips, rather than blunt ones, to make sure you can grasp the tick tightly. Don't try this with your fingers. You won't be able to get a good, tight grip on the tick.

Look out for these signs  

    • Excess lethargy
    • Decreased urination
    • Dry gums
    • Refusal to eat
    • Sunken eyes
    • Decreased skin elasticity (Gently pinch your pet's skin near the shoulder up into the shape of a tent; if the skin is slow to snap back, your pet may be dehydrated.)

    Animals drinking saltwater can create a problem and make them sick. If travelling a car can get very hot and an animal can perish quickly put cats in proper carriers and do not leave in the car.

    Small animals are a tasty meal for a snake, these tend to hide under tin, and shady areas or long grass and any piles of junk.

    Bee stings remove with plastic credit card do not squeeze will release the poison and put cold pack on.

    Bar be Ques be careful about giving cooked meats on the bone the bone becomes brittle and can splinter choking your pet, also some foods are not suitable for animals.

    If you are going to treat them, give them pure meat, and watch them, animals may not realise that an area is hot and can get seriously burnt.

    Enjoy summer and your pet