Cerebellar Hypoplasia in Cats

14 Mar 2021

March 14, 2021

I kept seeing this and not knowing much about it, decided to do some research, with this condition the brain has not been developed properly it is a neurological condition meaning an underdeveloped brain at birth, which means the cat or kitten may fall over since this side of the brain which controls balance and co ordinating has not developed properly leaving the cat with unsteady movement known as wobbly cat or kitten.


There is no cure for this condition, although they can live happy and normal lives and the condition will not worsen.


Because of the lack of balance, a high stepping, prancing gait and falling over.


These cats need to be inside, unless they have a secure outside runner where they are safe, they need high sides on litter trays so they can balance, and high bowls they are usually messy eaters, so place mats are often needed.


With unsteadiness they are better on carpet rather than other types of flooring, you need to think about them jumping up and make it easier for them with cushions and stools and crash mats near the area they like.


These cats are lovable and funny and love attention they are intelligent and need stimulating so toys, scratch posts and objects to amuse them.


They require more care than a perfectly normal cat or kitten, they are not in pain, just disadvantaged, they adjust well to their environment and like most cats want to be loved and have attention, sometimes referred to as Bobble-head or Wobbly Cat Syndrome.