Cats putting on Weight after being Sprayed or Neutered and in Pain

9 Mar 2019

March 09, 2019

When a cat reaches four to six months to stop unwanted pregnancies is best to get your cat sprayed or neutered cost vary depending on the local vets.

Advantages to this is the fact your cat is less of risk getting prostate cancer which is more common in males. Unneutered Toms can have poor grooming habits which results in matted and dirty fur causing skin infection, parasitic skin disease and discomfort. Also increases their risk for development of prostate cancer.

Their behaviour improves and they are more likely to become more affectionate and not likely to fight other cats. Unneutered cats tend to wander and can be aggressive.

This has proven time and time again since people dump cats in our area, one particular cat a ginger long haired tom you could not go near, over several months I gained his trust got him neutered and from living rough he had knotted fur which was causing him great discomfort, ear mites fleas and worms once this was dealt with he became the most loving cat people did not associate him with the aggressive cat they did not believe this was the same animal.

Unfortunately, I did not get him in time he lived six months before dying of heart problems from the cold winters.

Also, this leads to unwanted births in cats and the small mammals suffering because of this leading to many unwanted cats abandoned or in overrun shelters.

In some cases, with females especially if they have had a few litters, there can be swelling around the scrotum and they can put on weight.

This is because the sex hormones that were produced by your cat’s ovaries can encourage more activity as your cat attempts to find a mate during her cycle. Removing the ovaries, can reduce your cat’s base activity level which can lead to weight gain if her food intake is not strictly limited.

Cats with stomach aches may vomit repeatedly, develop flatulence, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and lose their appetite. Herbal remedies can help, if the cat, or kitten especially becomes dehydrated and sluggish and not interested in his or her surroundings you may need to seek medical advice since they can deteriorate quickly.

Behaviour changes in both females and males are positive they are more contented, and I have found it stops spraying and unfavourable behaviours.

Fresh skinned chicken and boiled rice is usually a good stable diet while cat is recovering.

Cats should be checked for signs of dehydration especially when affected by vomiting and diarrhoea. This can be done by lifting the skin over the shoulder blades if the skin springs back into position promptly, hydration levels are good, if the skin takes a few seconds or remains lifted, the cat may need fluids administered under the skin or into a vein by the veterinarian.

 Always make sure there is plenty of fresh water available.

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