Cats Itching and Dry Skin

14 Feb 2019

February 14, 2019

The skin can be an indication of a deficiency, dry skin is common in cats just like us it is just as annoying, your cat may have dry patches of skin or dandruff like flakes on their fur and bald spots there are many reasons for this. So, what are the indications? Dandruff and flakiness are primary indications the skin itself may appear dull when you part the fur to have a look, also your cat may be scratching or licking more than usual. 

Hair loss or thinning hair by the tail this is often caused by an allergic reaction to fleas’ infestation, lice and parasites, more than often dry skin is an indication of some other condition. 

Scratching of the head and neck can indicate a food allergy when the real issue is addressed then the cat’s fur and skin will go back to normal. 

So, what are the causes then? Allergies to an ingredient in their food, poor diet like the wrong food for cat’s since they need protein, pollen in the air or new bed and grooming products. Cat could require vitamins and minerals. 

 Weather can play a part such as winter with the colder days and having a heater on, excessive licking and grooming. 

Medication for other pets or humans, has this spilled and the cat licked it up. 

Fungal infections like yeast infection, ringworm and sporotrichosis which is an infection via the skin through small cuts, scratches or punctures from thorns, barbs, pine needles or wire known as rose gardener’s disease this can also affect the skin, with rare forms affect the joints, bones and even the brain. This should be treated straight away more serious issues in older cat’s could be heart conditions, diabetes hyperthyroidism. 

So how do you deal with this problem? Consider buying high protein cat food with a lot of the cheaper brands they have little protein and are high in carbs, which can also cause other health issues, fresh is sometimes best.  

Eliminating problem areas like change in cleaning products, Omega3 Supplements the benefits of fish oil for pets even go beyond skin moisture and conditioning and could also help towards preventing cancer. Dermatrix that includes keratin for skin health also cat shampoos can condition and relief the itching. Flea and tick treatment and worm the cat antibiotics and antifungals and household changes if it is a heat related condition then you may need a humidifier for the room where most of the time is spent. 

Brushing and grooming your cat can help with the oils in their skin. 

If your cat is flaking like a freshly baked pie crust when you pet her, or is constantly scratching an itch with no fleas in sight, you may be wondering: "Does my cat have dry skin?" If it's winter and you live in a cold climate, it is possible your feline friend's skin is getting dried out just like human skin does over the winter. However, if you don't have the weather to blame for your itchy cat, you may need to get to the bottom of what could be causing your cat's scratching.


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