Cats Feelings

18 Nov 2018

November 18, 2018

I feel I need to write about my cats the cats I have is because people do not want them, and I can understand why. I have so many now, sixteen cats or little devils.

A lot of organisations are over run and are putting healthy cats down.

When you have only one or two there is not such an issue when you have this many, they become a pack and your beloved home becomes at risk of breakages and damages I have plenty of trays and scratch post and this is probably why my lounges have not suffered yet.

Although the odd item does get broken, so all valuables are under lock and key they will even open cupboard doors and flick items out.

When a cat is unwell they will do unfavourable actions to let you know, they all seek attention in different ways my biggest challenge is winter for their protection I keep them in, one little cat is always picked on by others, I have managed to give her cuddles and attention she is coming around falling asleep in my arms and purring which she normally does not do and is not jumping up so much and has calmed down the other cats are not picking on her as much either.

She is more at peace and knows she will not miss out on treats or feed time this is important a cat can waste away without you realising, other cats sit on my lap and rub against me while I am typing.

A new cat will snatch at the food and growl and eat a lot at first until they understand there is always food for them then the picking order changes and the cat’s behaviour change, I know it very important to try and give all the attention needed since they all thrive to belong and be accepted.

Their personalities change a lot they become more settled and loving, years ago I took in a ginger long haired Tom cat which no one had time for he hissed and was feral, after being neutered and cleaned up, brushed and cared for he was so loving and a tentative he would only come to myself he showed so much love towards me and at the end of his life he lied on top of my foot or where ever I was he wanted to be close.

I have found from saving cats, kittens they become very attached and loving and do not go to strangers their whole persona changes they support each other and seem to communicate and have their favourite spots in the home, I have found that from every cat I have owned they want to be loved and cared for the love and attention I receive is so great and rewarding even with all the trials and problems that come with having this many.

I would hope when people want to take on a cat, they consider they do have feelings and needs and are little children getting up to devilish activities.