Cats Boxes and Sheds

4 Apr 2019

April 04, 2019

I can speak from experience I did not set out to have a cat it just happened that way, I do love animals and in fact did not have an animal for some time, when a lodger asked if she could have her cat I agreed, and this is where it all started.

Angel was spoilt went everywhere with me and loved all the attention, then a cat with green around its ears and tar on its tail I managed to coach in after taking the tar off and treating him, Spot stayed with me for many years until he died of cat’s aids.

Then over the years many cats were dumped I now have seventeen of unwanted cats it can be trying, all cats including lions and tigers love boxes and box type environments.  I am not allowed to throw out a box straight away it must be played in, turned upside down, slept in, scratched to pieces then I must sneak it in the bin.

Having a cat kennel also helps if I am back late, they have some where to go my garden is landscaped and is like a mini zoo, I love it and so do the cats, the kennel blends in and is part of the garden and very functional.

What is so great with having sheds you can have them heated and fitted out, so your cat is protected warm and comfortable also helps with not having your prized furniture scratched and damaged.

Cats need ways of filing their claws just like we do with our fingernails as far as a cat is concerned the home is theirs, you pay the bills provide all the goodies and answer to their meows and wishes.

What I have discovered is I am not in control of them they are in control of me, they are as demanding as a husband wanting the meals and attention, they are all individual and loving and are very attached in fact it would be hard to rehome any of them.

They get up to all types of mischief and pull clothes and things off the hangers so having a kennel is very worthwhile to keep your sanity.

I do not regret saving these souls they bring me a lot of joy and I am never lonely or have time to be miserable they bring joy and happiness in many ways, and I can understand why people who have animals prefer them often to people.

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