Cat not Eating Their Food - Why?

1 Oct 2020

October 01, 2020

I have fifteen cats when you have so many you need to check they are all eating, I often get told by friends their cats are not eating often enough it is simple, think of a cat like us, we sometimes want a change and get feed up of eating the same stuff, believe it or not cats like variety.  

Having dried food, fresh food, and good quality tin food you will find cats can require a taste for a particular brand or meat and trial and error can be a way forward.  Cats go strongly on smell so if they do not like the smell of food, they will more than likely not eat it and cats are good judges when it comes to what they will eat. 

Having so many cats it is competition and they all get in to get their helpings so not much gets wasted here, treats are very welcome although you have to be careful to not over do it, and sometimes they may not feel well and want grass because of the acid in their tummy which is natural. 

The trick is variety supply fresh as well as the other, sometimes we overfeed thinking it is spoiling them this can lead to health issues so keeping everything in moderation is best.  

Some rich foods can cause cats to be ill some are real scavengers and will eat almost anything if cats are out in the cold they have been known to eat bread to survive or any bits they can find and often enough they will get used to that type of food which can cause other health issues cats need protein from meets for well being.  

More seriously some cats that lose appetite their may be an underlying reason, like anorexia, kidney disease, cat flu, diabetes, Fever or hyperthyroidism and pancreatitis. 

There are certain signs with any of these causes which are in other articles, some of the herbs that can help are chamomile, catnip, cat thyme, Valerian, calendula, echinacea, cats claw, dandelion Root these can settle them and relieve systems, nature calm care can help greatly. 

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