Cat Behavior

15 Apr 2020

April 15, 2020

When you have so many cats, you learn a lot about cat behavior and the reasons they do certain actions however the difficulty is understanding the behavior when some thing is wrong with cats because of their survival in the wild and a communication difference it is sometimes hard to understand what they are trying to let us know.

They certainly are fascinating creatures to live with and now is a time to share some of the ups and downs of these loving creatures

Peeing on Furniture or Personal Belongings.

I have found that even though my cats are neutered and some are females which are the culprits this is when a new comer comes in and the order of the house needs to be clarified cats are very territorial and their needs to be a pecking order, they also want to mark their territory, this is where cleaning properly comes in and sometimes certain aids can be purchased to help with this. A tap on the backside a sign of disapproval also helps sometimes I feel I should have a metal for tolerance patience and understanding of the cat. In some cases, if the cat is acting unusual their can be a medical reason or they do not like the visitor.

Pooing on Floor

Cats are good at getting our attention, and want to let you know when something is wrong like blood in the poo or difficulty going to the toilet if they are not well they will let you know it is not that they are necessary naughty they are telling you something, in other cases if the smell is in the carpet this can also be the reason, deep cleaning or changing the carpet can work.


Cats show affection by rubbing against their owners, their movement can involve their entire body or sometimes just their cheeks or foreheads this is their way of telling you they love you and appreciate you.

When they rub up against objects this is so they transfer their scent it is claiming ownership by head butting or nuzzling your face deposits scent from glands in their cheek area weaving in between your legs usually as you prepare food transfers scent from their sides and tail on to you this behavior is also an effective way of making sure that they have your full attention. When cats play together, they will do this as well to show affection to each other.


Cats need to scratch surfaces to sharpen their claws, but they also use this behavior to deposit their scent. Cats have scent glands on their paws and rubbing their paws along objects places their scent there.

If your cat has the annoying habit of scratching furniture, it is often because this is an area that attracts many different scents. The sides of sofas, for example, are favored areas and these may have the scents of outdoors, our guests, our bags or shoes. In performing the scratching behavior, your cat replaces the foreign scent with their own.

If scratching is a problem, then scratching posts are a must. Place these in areas that cats like to scratch and then gradually move them towards your preferred location. There is no use hiding scratching posts in corners, as cats need to scratch in prominent areas. They also often like to scratch at different angles so provide horizontal and vertical scratching surfaces.


Cats kneed prior to relaxing or when they are happy, as kittens they kneed to feed from their mother this is a sign of comfort as well.

They pace their paws up and down on you, or soft objects like bed, blanket some will even drool and purr at the same time this is a pleasant behavior and a happy contented cat I often get an excellent back massage.

Keep your cat’s claws trimmed be careful you do not hurt your cat trim the edge of the claw before the change in color.


Cats communicate with humans by using different meows this an endearing method of speech is heard in young kittens to get their mothers attention.

You should not ignore a cat’s meow a high pitch meow normally means bird, if they meow constantly and often which is not their character this could mean they are unwell and are trying to tell you something is seriously wrong.

Swish y Tail

Cats communicate to other cats and to humans using feline body language depending on how they are using their tail, if it is fast watch out, they are cranky and had enough if the tail is wrapped around them then they are comfortable.

Hiding Away

If you find your cat is hiding away this can mean a couple of things they are not well or scared another animal could be tormenting them


My cats play with each other and it sounds like a tornado going through the house, they like to have attention and play bonds so when they are playing you know you have won them over  they are happy and content