Arthritis and Your Pet

15 Oct 2018

October 15, 2018

Most animals and people are living longer and because of this most older pets and people will suffer from arthritis, cats from the age of 12 at some point could suffer arthritis with dogs it is more easier to notice, they will have lameness or possible limp normally the back joints, with cats it is hardier to notice since this is normally in the spine or elbows of the cat, they will take smaller steps and may not jump up like they used to and will hesitate. Both cats and dogs will become less active and stiffer.

Arthritis is not technically a disease it refers to rheumatic diseases and other related conditions which all have similar symptoms including pain, stiffness and swelling of the joints, there is four stages.



3.Mild Pain

4.Moderate to severe pain

Degenerative joint disease where the movable joints containing a lubricating liquid called synovial fluid for mobility when this gets affected and flamed this is when problems occur wearing down the joints causing arthritis.

Watch out for behaviour changes, catching this early means it is much easier to treat like not being as active, struggling, decrease in activity, sleeping more than usual, vets will usually prescribe some form of Glucosamine or MSM, anti-inflammatory, Nsaids reduce pain and inflammation like Tramadol, it also known that laser therapy and acupuncture can help with the more severe cases.

Diet is as important if an animal is overweight this can add to the problems with adding pressure on the limbs, so weight control is as important.

It is also known that green tea and turmeric can also help with arthritis.

Depending on the patient to which solution is best, herbal treatment can work in well with medication of course if your pet is on medication then check first to make sure that the solution is the best way forward. If you can use natural remedies and control arthritis in early stages then this is best for your pet, some animals’ life has ended because of the severe pain of not being able to use their joints when otherwise they are healthy.


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