Animals Dumped Suffering Dying

19 Mar 2021

March 19, 2021

I do a lot of research and with every bit of research somewhere along the line, I come across cruelty it seems to drive followers, people seem to enjoy it, yet these living animals have feelings, thoughts, and fears.

Throughout centuries humans love suffering and it gathers the crowds, years ago if a child was not doing well everyone picked on them and it seems in some way, we have not advanced as human beings.

I feel the reasons for such actions, is selfishness, a new relationship, or not wanting your prized furniture or furnishings damaged, seeing these living souls almost as an item not as a living being. Some that sell pedigrees left dogs so tangled they lost limbs, then praising the fact they saved them, what about the suffering these animals have gone through the mental torture.

Change in circumstances finance not there, so the first to go is that pet, like a piece of rubbish or moving home and not bothering to take their pet with them.

People not getting their animal neutered therefore flushing kittens down the toilet or leaving out in all types of weather to die. Leaving horses, donkeys in stables not suitable and not caring for them.

Vets charging over the top charges forcing people not to care for the pet with the temptation of dumping them and insurance companies not covering the bill, driving cost even further up.

From murders and cruelty, it seems from children it starts with animals then humans suffer in the hands of these monsters, since time is on their side with needing all the proof and evidence normally by this time several lives are destroyed or lost, and suffering goes on.

It is time that society really looks at what qualities we are putting into our next generation and really care about life.

It would be funny if the film Planet of the Apes became reality and gave man back some the barbaric ways, they treat other living beings.