All about Cats Tail

16 Sep 2016

September 16, 2018

A cat’s tail is a communication tool to you and other animals through body language and in fact is one of the most important parts of the body. If you understand tail talk then you can at a glance understand how your cat is feeling with just a glance.

Balancing tool; this acts as a counterweight when walking along narrow surfaces, like tops of furniture and fences, making sharp turns, playing and pursuing prey.

So, What Happens when a major injury occurs?

Even though the spinal cord does not extend all the way to the cat tail and injury can still cause serious nerve damage. Where the spinal cord ends the nerves that help to control and provide sensation to the tail, hind legs, bladder, large intestine through to the back passage which extends outward without the protection of the spine’s bones.  

Therefore, pulling on a cat’s tail can cause serious nerve damage in some cases will cause chronic pain and can affect their walking and balancing.

How to Read a Cats Tail?

A lot can be read by understanding the tail and what mood your cat is in.

Position High: Tail high in the air as she moves about her territory she is expressing confidence and contentment is also a sign of happiness and a willingness to be friendly a twitch could mean a happy moment.

Position Low:  A tail in a straight down position can signal aggression a lower tail is a very serious mood. If the breed is a Persian or of a breed with low tail, then there is no reason.

Puffed Up:  A tail resembling a pipe position reflects severely agitated and frightened a feeling of danger holding their ground.

Question Mark: Playful cat wanting to play and have fun

Tucked Away: Tail curved beneath the body may signal fear or submission something is making your cat nervous.

Whipping Tail:  Tail slaps back and forth rapidly this is anger, fear and aggression leave me alone

 Swishing Tail:  A tail that sways slow from side to side means the cat is focused on an object, ready to act.

Wrapped around Cat Tail:  This conveys friendship and being content, happy and comfortable