Aging cats

26 Jul 2019

July 26, 2019

I felt I should write about this, since I have so many cats, when cats get older, they are dumped and left to die.

However, with a bit of know how they generally live healthy lives and are not much trouble although just like us with age things do go wrong.

With the effects of aging cats can suffer a decline in functioning properly this is referred to as cognitive dysfunction or FCD this affects more than 55% of cats aged 11 to 15 years or older.

Functions like memory awareness sight and hearing can be affected this deterioration can cause disturbances in cats, sleeping patterns they can become disorientated and their activity reduced they can become forgetful and could also be suffering with pain although because of survival instinct it is hard to tell with cats.

Some of the problems will be not using the litter box doing outside of the box, unable to recognize familiar people and pets, get lost in familiar locations wanders around aimlessly, stares or fixates on objects or simple stare, not able to navigate around or over furniture and obstacles becomes over dependent and clingy and not active, eats less and not groom themselves. Can become restless or agitated and vocalizes more and in an urgent tone, becomes irritable.

Just like us humans’ cats can suffer if not cared for properly a lot of foods will contain more wheat than protein and cats need their teeth looked after.

Depending on what has happened in the cats life they can develop certain cancers in later years like tumours this can have an knock on affect, causing thyroid dysfunction, cancer, impaired sight or hearing and even arthritis this can be treated if you know the symptoms however making sure the cats have a good diet and their teeth cleaned helps with preventing a lot of the age issues.

With some issues and the aging of the brain can be challenging they will behave very unfavourably you may need to consider anti-anxiety medication.

Like soiling and peeing in areas they should not, and become aggressive, understanding your cat and giving them the right supplement or vitamin can help in other blogs on you can find the solution to most issues with cat’s health and know what to do.

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