Aggression in Cats

30 Aug 2018

August 30, 2018

Living with many cats because of dumping has proven to be challenging, it has also taught me a lot about behaviour in cats and aggression, cats have different types of meows to try and communicate with us and when health problems arise they sometimes attack and may have a deep growl meow.

Very difficult to know if your cat is in pain, when cats fight, abscess can occur and depending on the wound to how this can affect your cat’s health. If a cat has been ill treated before the memories will hold and they will react to other animals this can also cause cancer and diseases since the aggression in the cat is very strong, they have five weapons their teeth and all four clawed paws and of course sole weapon of their mouth and sharp teeth, bites can inflict severe lacerations which are painful and can become infected.

Aggression is when a cat’s behaviour towards animals and people is of aggressive nature and attack, some animals are so insecure they favour a member of the family and become very territorial attacking others, this is difficult when on own with cat give as much attention and slowly introduce others to assure the cat that there is no danger of them loosing the attention and love of their chosen person.

Understanding Cat Body Language is essential it helps with being more prepared, body language is made of body parts like ears, tail and whiskers their language is subtler than a dog. What are the signs?

A stiff, straight legged upright stance, curved back fur standing up stiffened rear legs, tail is stiff or thrown around rapidly, direct glare upright ears, piloerection hackles up including fur on the tail, constricted pupils, growling, howling, yowling hissing. Crouching, Head tucked in, Tail curved around the body, flattened ears, walking sideways.

Aggressive Aggression: Swatting, striking with paws, biting, fighting, growling, shrieking, scratching.

Some of the reasons that can cause this behaviour is when the animal is protecting their territory when threatened.

Other reasons such as hyperthyroidism, epilepsy, abscesses, arthritis, dental disease, rabies, trauma, sensory decline or cognitive dysfunction in older cats.

Understanding your cat with combing and general checks and caring for a cat a lot of the diseases and behavioural problems can be reduced or limited with understanding what the cause is, and the treatment needed.  Cat fights within many cats need to be avoided sometimes separating them and giving them room can help.

Cats are very territorial therefore making sure there is plenty of bedding food and water and several bowls also attention given is very important some cats are loners and are best with one person.

Valerian can help with calming a cat that is stressed and some plug-in products and oils can help.

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